Pakistan National Cricket Team

It is believed that cricket was born in England in the XV century. It is known that it was then played there. Announcements of cricket matches were placed in newspapers at the beginning of the 18th century. The first registered cricket championship was held in 1719.

An important role in the history of cricket played in 1750. The Cricket Ground of Lords, which has existed since 1781, also founded the Wimbledon Club, which played a historic role for cricket. In 1814, she was transferred to her current location, where the Marylebone Cricket Club established its headquarters. This club, founded in 1788, became a trendsetter in cricket. By the beginning of the XIX century, the final dimensions of the cricket gate were established: 69 centimeters by 23.5 centimeters. Bouncers had a big advantage over bowlers (bowers) until the circular ball delivery became popular in the 40s. Top feed was not recognized until 1864. International cricket began with matches in Australia in 1877, when the tourist group from England was defeated by the Australian national team. The first international cricket match was played in 1880 in England, and, with the exception of the war years, international matches have since continued.

Pakistan Cricket Team

When many people fly for the first time over the valley of Pass, their attention is attracted by an absolutely round construction near the road – this is a cricket field, to which, as soon as such an opportunity arises, tourists gladly go. And, as a rule, there is in the midst of this strange game that is similar to baseball only a bit looks different. The homeland of cricket, as we have already mentioned, is England, where this game was known as far back as the Middle Ages. From the 18th century, official competitions between cricket clubs began to be held according to the rules, which are basically preserved to this day. Bayram says the strongest teams in world cricket are Australia, Pakistan, India and South Africa. And it is about the national team of Pakistan, we’ll talk further. In the middle of the field, two “gates” are installed at a distance of 20 m from each other. The goal of the game is to destroy the gate of the opposing team, the players of which protect it by beating the ball with bats, by throwing the ball. The bowler is called bowler.

The reflecting ball bat is called batsman. Batsman is trying to repel an abandoned ball in such a way that it reaches the borders of the field or flies far enough away from opponents, which would allow the batsman to run across to the other end of the court. The cricket team has 11 players. Cricket involves rushing, knocking out players, which resembles baseball that is widespread in American countries. The duration of the game is a few hours. At the same time, the fulfillment of some game conditions – the opponent’s catching the ball before touching the ground, the destruction of the gate of the Batsman, etc. – takes the Batsman out of the game. One turn continues until ten batsmen of the slugger team are taken out of the game, after which the teams switch roles.

In Pakistan, they began to play this game after the Second World War, in 1952. The Pakistani national team has the third in the world indicator of the ratio of victories and defeats and the fifth overall indicator of the share of test victories. In 1992, Pakistan National Cricket Team won the ODI World Championship. Most striking is the place chosen for the construction of a cricket field – there is such beauty around! In 1992, “Pakistan Eagles managed to win the Cricket World Cup. To guide and control the development of cricket, a special national committee was created.

Pakistan Green Shirts are represented by Pakistan under the leadership of the Cricket Council of Pakistan. The international organization allowed Pakistan to participate in international competitions (International Council on Cricket) in March 1952. Pakistan won its first world championship with Imran Khan in 1992 against Great Britain. Pakistan stated that it created many of the main players, including Imran Khan, Wasim Akram Abdul Kadir, Sarfraz Nawaz, Wakar Younis, Shoaib Akhtar, Inzamam-ul-Hak, Younis Khan, Afrid and Jawed Miandad.

A separate cricket (First Class), a trial Cricket and a one-day tournament in Pakistan are under the responsibility of the Pakistan Cricket Council. This department functions as a Zoroastrian control over the national team of Pakistan in cricket. He is also responsible for the management and care of the local national team, including the Cayemma trophy. President Zardari elects the president of the Board of Directors, then the Golou Board. Recently, Pakistan has approved a new constitution, according to which the leadership of the regional teams will manage the calendar of cricket games.

Delhi decided to resume the meetings of their national cricket team with “Pakistan Shaheens in the two countries

The government of India made a political decision to resume the meetings of the national team with the Pakistan national cricket team in the two countries. After the meeting of the country’s top leadership, Yashvant Sinha told reporters that the start date of the competition will be determined by the sports leadership of the two countries. Cricket is the most popular game in India and Pakistan, attracting much more public attention to the competition.  The decision to resume the meetings of cricket teams in India and Pakistan was made by the Indian leadership on the eve of the upcoming meeting of representatives of the foreign ministries of the two countries in Islamabad, which will resume the negotiation process to normalize bilateral relations.

Pakistan National Cricket Team: shocking facts about players

A British court has put cricket superstars behind bars. Three players of the Pakistan national cricket team are sentenced by the British justice to various prison sentences and large fines for organizing match fixing. The International Cricket Council, which has described corruption and fraud charges against Pakistani players as the most serious in this sport over the past decade, has suspended the trio from participating in any competition for five years. It is curious that the fact of sports fraud was discovered thanks to the journalist of the British newspaper “News of the World”, who pretended to be one of the customers of this transaction. In addition, the Pakistan cricket team is under pressure from international sports organizations and the British police investigating certain players on the team.

Players allegedly played along for tournaments for a certain reward in order to influence the results of the bets. The International Cricket Board has requested an investigation and urgent action against members of the Pakistani team involved in the scam. The scandal broke out after a British newspaper accused some players of deliberately passing goals in exchange for a cash reward.

Attention to conditions as the key to success: important about the strategy of betting on the cricket team

The best forecasters on cricket have a real sense for valuable factors, mainly due to the formation of their unique betting strategy. There are several approaches to match analysis, regardless of the format of the match. The draw results are very important. In cricket, the attack line is determined by simply tossing a coin. This procedure actually has a great influence on the outcome of the meeting. The team attacking first in the test match often gains an advantage, as it conducts the first attack in a fresh field with a new ball (in cricket, they do not change balls, as in baseball, with the slightest sign of wear, only after 80 overs).

Batsman, for example, is easier to hit the ball after a bounce from a flat, unworn area of ​​the field. Therefore, the attacking first team has more opportunities to start a breakthrough and capture the initiative in the game. This is one of the reasons why some professionals in cricket bets like to play precisely in live, waiting for the results of the starting draw and thus excluding one of the uncontrollable factors. Weather conditions are also very important. It is difficult to call a sport more dependent on external conditions than cricket. The weather can have a big impact on a test match, especially on its duration (they do not play cricket in the rain), so the player must be familiar with the weather forecast before the bet.

If they promise rain, the importance of the draw results increases significantly in the conditions of reduced playing time. In the same England, during the 5-day test match, you are more likely to encounter rain, and in this case you need to think carefully about how much playing time will be lost. In some countries, the sun sets earlier than in others, and there is not much room for replenishing playing time (test matches are played only in natural light). Somewhere in Sri Lanka, the daylight hours may simply not be enough to finish the few hours lost due to the rain, while in England the sun sets late and at eight in the evening the teams may well be on the field.

There is also a field factor. In different areas and in different stadiums, the pitch coverage, where the main action takes place, can be different – from the earthen surface to a very short and longer lawn, and the coverage can vary in one stadium from season to season, depending on care. However, trends still exist, and, for example, in Cape Town or Adelaide, slow pitches prevail, where the ball accelerates less after hitting the ground, and it is easier for the batsman to make a decent blow. In some cities like Perth, Australia, coverage is more “faster”, and power bowlers appear in all its glory, and the work of the attack is difficult. You also need to pay attention to cities and stadiums with traditionally high / low humidity or relatively high-altitude arenas – with low humidity and thin mountain air the ball flies on average faster, so it is easier to make a valuable 6-point strike out of the field. Dry grounds and love bowlers, surviving due to the torsion of the ball.