Other competitions

Residents of large cities are happy to spend time outside the city. Hunting, fishing, sports are traditional activities. Not by chance the name of many sports games are of English origin. There are still many fans of football, tennis, basketball, field hockey in the UK. Especially popular today are golf, horseback riding, horseback polo and fox hunting. Cricket is very popular. Cricket itself is very similar to its fans. The sight is measured and painful, like honey. Sometimes watching a match makes one feel a persistent feeling of being present at a lecture by a grandfather professor who has been monotonously reading his material for half a century already. The information flows smoothly into your ears and presses some buttons in your brain. You, especially not wanting to sleep, suddenly begin to nod, and then, unable to fight anymore, find yourself in the arms of Morpheus. Let your friends to wake up announcing the beginning of the break.

The British are incredibly sensitive to cricket, not recognizing that this game could be born in some other country. As in the United States they play baseball everywhere, so in England the rules of cricket are known from the cradle. The cricket competition at the 1900 Summer Olympics was held on August 19 and 20. In total, there was one match between the teams of 12 people between Britain and France, which the British won. This is the only cricket competition for all the Olympic Games. And although the French team lost the match, but in the end it won silver, as there were no other rivals. Cricket for quite a short time remained an Olympic sport. He was expelled from the games program also in 1900.

Cricket appeared in the 13th century. At first it was considered only a child’s game, but gradually became part of the English tradition. Cricket got a real fame in the 18th century, when the rules of the tournament were officially formed and fixed. At the same time, clubs of professional cricket player athletes began to form. In 1990, this sport was included in the Olympic roster. But the game was not very famous at that time and it did not impress the public and cricket was soon excluded from the program of the Olympic Games. Since the beginning of the 20th century, cricket has become known in England, Europe and Africa and even in Australia.

Different competitions (Pakistan Cup and others): a brief description of the basic principles, features of the sport

Cricket is played on a grassy ground. As a rule, the diameter of the entire site is 260-300 meters. The tournament takes place in the middle of the field on the court, which is 22 yards or 20.12 meters, width – about 3 meters. There are gates (like gates) on both edges, which consist of three laths lined up with two crossbars.

Faysal Bank t20 Cup: Twenty20

T20 (“Twenty20”) in cricket is one of the three main formats, which include special format, test and ODI for the match. Cricket T20 is a form of cricket with limited channels, where the duration of the game is not determined by the final term, but by a set of entries. However, due to the exhaustion of the game, the ODI match may be completed; this may be due to bad weather or any other foreseeable cause. In this case, the result is declared completely without consequences. In general, ODI can be won by any team, based on drawings or can’t produce results. With the international formats of this format, you can use the short history LOI (English Limited Overs International), but this term refers to international matches in the ODI system.

The Twenty20 game is played in a day and consists of two tickets, one of which is a team and the other. In a presentation, the team has 20 frames (six entries in each). The players play approximately three and a half hours in the field. For the first time, the Anglo-Welsh District Championship uses the T20 format, after which the format is used for international meetings. The first match of Twenty20 took place on June 13, 2003. In 2007, the first draw of the T20 World Cup took place.

The T-20 format, like the ODI format, has many features that separate cricket from cricket. Teams can play in random colors, and test tests allow only a white transfer. The combination of ODI and T20 uses a white ball, and a red test is used in the test games. The color of the ball is not actually tested with artificial light until 2012. The ODI and T20 formats for TV broadcasts are more interesting because it can define a relatively small game that should not be subject to a conservative test conference. It is more commercially successful formats than T-twenty ODIs. This format is popular nationally of the T-20 Championship with the speed of the match.

National one-day championship

The tournament includes 14 teams, which gives member states and affiliates of the cricket league the opportunity to participate. The format is the same as in the edition of the first year of the championship. Fourteen teams participate in the initial stages; they are divided into two groups of seven. Seven teams play each other once before the first four teams in each group start qualifying for the quarterfinals. The format guarantees that each team has at least six games to play, even if they enter the group stage.

Patron’s trophy

In the light of cricket, there are several places where scandals accumulate; trophy is observed by team of sponsors and it will work with the police agencies of all countries to avoid situations in which the championship suffers such scandals.

Several competitions of world level: Pentangular Trophy, President’s Trophy and Quaid-i-Azam Trophy

On behalf of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, known in “Qaida-Azam” (the great leader), the trophy was presented at the 1953-54 session to help the selectors make a test visit to England in England. Team selection was held in 1954. Five regional teams and two departments participated in the first competition: Bahawalpur, Punjab, Karachi, North West Frontier Province, Sindh, United Services and Pakistan Railway. Regional teams have sometimes been challenged by regional parties, sometimes, and sometimes by a mixture of competition two. In 1956-57 it was decided that, for the entry of the Karachi and Punjab teams more equally, three teams must enter, to enter one.

Water cricket: extreme English games

The British are a conservative people, legends and jokes about it. However, everyone who has witnessed the cricket match that takes place every spring on the Brambles sand bank in the Solent, separating Isle of Wight from the UK coast, will agree that once a year these guys break down stereotypes and forget about common sense. Despite the fact that the ebb time is no more than an hour, these avid players have time to play a friendly match. The tradition goes back about 60 years.

Members of the Royal Southern Yacht Club and Island Sailing Club sailing to the Solent Strait on boats to wait for the water to recede, giving them the opportunity to fight for the title of the best team in cricket. The players have only about 60 minutes to enjoy the game, after which the remaining waters will again turn the improvised “field” into the strait. The competitors again board the boat and go to the Isle of Wight to enjoy a festive dinner. By the way, both teams have a reason for fun – the victory in these competitions is always friendship, regardless of the score during the match. Perhaps the love of the traditional game with the British can be compared only with cricket warriors of the African Masai tribe, for whom such competitions have become a real propaganda for a healthy lifestyle.

Interesting facts about cricket

The first mention of cricket, or rather, the game, which is similar to this sport, appeared in the chronicles of King Edward I. Often it was played by citizens of Kent in the XIII century, mostly it was not the elite, but young peasants. However, in continental Europe, cricket was discovered even before it became widespread in England, which happened in the 17th century. The Cricket World Cup is held, like other competitions of this magnitude, once every four years. And this sport was included in the program of the Olympiad once – more than 100 years ago.

The Australian Stadium Melbourne Cricket Ground is the most unusual and at the same time famous stadium. The fact is that initially it was built as a cricket ground. But today it is a huge multifunctional complex, where various competitions are held, including on a global scale. In addition, the Melbourne Cricket Granud constantly hold matches for football and rugby, and it was used several times as an arena for the Olympic Games, thus becoming the cult building in Australia. Today is a very unusual sport for us, but for some countries this sport is more interesting and popular than football.

  1. The Cricket World Cup is held once every 4 years, like the Olympics or the World Cup.
  2. Cricket competitions within the Olympics were only once more than 100 years ago.
  3. The rules of cricket are fairly simple, but according to statistics, only 2 percent of sports fans are less aware of them. Fully all the rules are placed on 20 pages.
  4. Often cricket matches last a single day. Spectators who know what cricket is, they stock up on food thoroughly. For the casual observer, cricket matches resemble a “dream kingdom”.
  5. International matches can last 5 days. In the cricket championship of England the matches go 4 days.
  6. In many countries, going to cricket is very fashionable. Some rich corporations buy their own boxes at the stadium. Many important things are solved there – cricket is just the background.
  7. First things first. Many people confuse cricket with croquet. This is a typical beginner mistake! It is very simple to distinguish these two games: croquet is played by hedgehogs and flamingos, while cricket is played with a red ball and large wooden sticks.
  8. According to a recent survey, 70% of Britons consider cricket to be a national sport. For football, that number is 22% or so.
  9. They say that cricket is similar to the American game called “baseball”, but these rumors are not confirmed.
  10. They play cricket all day, from morning to evening, with lunch breaks, tea, rain and bad light. In the present cricket (test cricket) play 5 days. Therefore, if someone claims that he is “watching cricket,” then rest assured that he has no time left for work and family.
  11. A person who is not familiar with the game can watch cricket all day long and still not understand not only tactics, but even rules. As for the complexity of the last cricket it refers to football about how chess to checkers.
  12. Only national teams play in the test cricket, while others play day cricket. The rules are slightly different there, but, most importantly, a completely different tactic. How to choose the players of the national team on the results of their one-day performances, no one really knows.
  13. Unlike football and rugby, the United Kingdom is represented in the world cricket arena with one team called England. It is currently played by two Welshmen (with the same last name) and two naturalized South Africans, whose parents moved to England when democracy began in South Africa.

Lovers and professionals

Cricket is truly the holy of holies for the English, a national game that they consider the mother of not only sport, but also morality. It is from cricket that the principles of sports ethics, which became for the English the basics of appropriate behavior, the measure of decency, lead their pedigree. When the Oxford vice-rector says that his goal is to teach the young men to play a straight bat, the meaning of this phrase goes far beyond sports. A foreign journalist working in London should know the terms and epithets adopted when describing cricket matches as well as popular biblical expressions or Latin proverbs: without this, neither parliamentary debate nor newspaper editorials can be understood.

Cricket was the first sport where the division into amateurs and professionals was officially fixed in the rules. Moreover, the preference of the first of these categories is expressed in them quite unambiguously. Captains of leading teams, for example, until recently could only be amateurs. And although nowadays it is no longer possible to observe this principle, the former gradation continues to be valid in small things. Changing rooms for lovers are traditionally equipped separately from the changing rooms of professionals and differ from them in the same way as first-class ship cabins differ from second-class cabins. It is enough to take the program of any cricket match to see which of the players amateurs are and who are professionals: if the former have names and initials, then the latter is accepted to be listed only by last name.

In addition to amateurs and professionals, in cricket there are also parallel terms: gentlemen and players. This second opposition helps to understand why the amateur attitude to the business has become identified with belonging to the chosen class. The status of a gentleman, as well as the possession of the land, was the pinnacle of human ambitions. It was believed that the owner of a country estate if he tried his hand in some field, it was not for the sake of self-interest, but out of a sense of duty to society or for his own pleasure. Belonging to regular labor was considered a consequence of economic or social dependence. So even if the gentleman was working out of necessity, he still tried to pretend that he regarded work as a kind of side hobby, that is, he pretended to be an amateur.

Cricket and baseball: comparative characteristic

Cricket was first mentioned in the Tudor dynasty (1485–1604), and the first professional cricketers appeared after the restoration of the Stuarts in 1660. Cricket has not received as widespread as football, tennis or badminton, but is always popular in English-speaking countries. Baseball is probably the main national sport of the United States, which is played from early childhood. Baseball is also popular in Cuba, Venezuela, China, Japan and South Korea. Baseball is considered the “invention” of Americans and a kind of adaptation of Russian game that is called “lapta” or cricket, the rules of which are very similar to the rules of modern baseball. Some historians claim that baseball originated in England after all. As evidence, quotations from Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey are given, in which baseball is mentioned as one of the hobbies of the main character in the novel.