Pakistan cricket

What could be more appealing at first glance than a game of cricket? It’s especially different from the point of view of a foreigner. On the green lawn of good old England, people in white clothes perform mysterious actions: first everyone froze then someone threw a ball, another with a bat in his hands beat it off, everyone ran off somewhere, then gathered again, waited, then again fled to different parties with a mystical goal.

Lazy claps and approving aristocratic grunting are heard from the public. Ladies and gentlemen in straw hats sit in lounge chairs and for many hours sip beer and cocktails, like “Pimms” tincture, where they put a circle of cucumber and a slice of orange and another sprig of fresh mint. Of course, cricket has other scales, such as competitions of the Commonwealth countries (the former British Empire) from Australia to India and Trinidad. Then the match takes place at a larger stadium, and although you watch everything from afar (or in front of the TV), and the noise is, of course, more, but in the stands – with all the whipping up of passion – the atmosphere, in principle, is not much different from the lounge chairs in the English estate.

That is, at first glance – this is not a sports game, but a certain abstract ballet or religious ceremony, manipulations with something invisible by invisible rules. Because cricket is not just a game, it is a way of life, the face of a nation, and almost all English, half consisting of Shakespeare, and half of cricket slang. Despite the rather simple principles of this game, its subtleties are connected almost with the whole nature of the behavior of the British. “Non-cricket” means not only “dishonest”, but also “inhuman”. However, the rules of the game themselves, in general, simple, are somewhat paradoxical for the uninitiated person. And today we look at cricket in Pakistan.

Cricket rules

The first set of rules of the game of cricket was published in 1788, but after it was repeatedly processed and clarified. A cricket game involves moving around an oval field. On the field is a pair of small gates. The game is attended by two teams consisting of eleven players each. The goal of the game is to knock the crossbar off the gate. The ball is thrown with the help of a bat, in the shape of a stick. If the ball is successfully repulsed, the players who protect the gate, change places – in fact, some elements of cricket resemble American baseball. If, on attack, the crossbar — the wicket — managed to be knocked down, it turned out to catch the ball or the defense team broke the rules, then one player from this team leaves the field. When 10 players from the defense team left the field, the teams switch roles.

Game etiquette of Pakistan cricket

Like golf, cricket has special rules regarding player behavior on the court. These rules are studied by players since childhood and non-compliance is considered bad form. It is considered indecent to throw the ball not at the crossbar, but to the sportsman-defender – because of this, the referee may stop the game. Also, it is not customary to delay time during the game. Compliance with the rules of the game is based on the integrity of the players – for example, if the participant was knocked out on the field, and the judge did not notice. In this case, the player will not remain on the field, as often happens in football matches.

Ex-playboy and Pakistani cricket player Imran Khan became Pakistani premier

Imran Khan began playing cricket at the age of 16 in Lahore. In 1976, returning to Pakistan, he began to play for the national team. He was a professional cricketer until he was 39 years old. In the early 1980s, Imran Khan was a famous party lover and playboy in London. Imran Khan’s connections at that time were much gossip. However, in 1992, when his cricketer career ended, he tried to change his image. “I’m not a womanizer. People just say that because I’m not married,” he said in another interview. In the same year, his mistress, Sita White, bore him a daughter, Tirian. He ignored this fact and then denied it. However, according to a court ruling of 1997, Imran Khan is still her father. However, on July 27, the Pakistan Muslim League declared that it would nevertheless recognize the election results and go into the opposition, Reuters reported. According to the latest results, this party won 62 seats in the National Assembly.

The leader of the center-left Pakistan People’s Party, Bilaval Bhutto Zardari, son of the late ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto, also said on his Twitter page that he did not recognize the election results. According to him, candidates from his party complain that their interviewers who interviewed voters were being expelled from polling stations.

Pakistan won the series, defeating Pakistan in the series of tests in a series of tests

Australia beat Pakistan by 373 bytes in the second test in Abu Dhabi 1: 0. Pakistani bowlers Mohammad Abbas (28), the service 62 of Australia in the second service played 10 tails. The discoverer of Khawaja was able to play only 164 tracks for Australia after setting the 538 goal. As a result, he won Pakistan’s highest score, and Australia’s fourth defeat test is a test of defeat. Australia did not react to the bowling attack in Pakistan on Friday to return to the first round of tests with two tests. Australia offered some resistance to Morneus labouchancen (43) and Head Travis (36), but tail Yesser Shah finished 3/45 and finished. Both sides will face Australia in the three best T20 series, which began in the United Arab Emirates on October 24.

Pakistan cricket team coach was killed

Bob Woolmer, the Pakistan national cricket team coach, was killed, AFP reports, quoting a representative of the Jamaican police. An autopsy showed that a 58-year-old British citizen was strangled. Jamaica police have called for the killer to voluntarily surrender. The agency notes that before leaving Jamaica, the players of the Pakistani team were forced to undergo fingerprinting in the local police. However, team manager Talat Ali has denied rumors that some of the players are suspected of killing a coach.

Bob Woolmer found dead in a hotel room in Jamaica, where the World Cup. At first, his death was regarded as an accident, then they assumed suicide, because the day before, Wulmer’s wards lost an important match to the Irish. And on Friday, the police announced that the coach had been strangled. And shortly before the incident, a manuscript of a book on corruption in cricket was stolen from him. Bob Woolmer was killed quietly … So quietly that the police had to spend four days just to make sure that it was just a murder. Pakistan’s mentor was found unconscious in a hotel in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica. He died in the hospital, despite all the attempts of doctors to save him. Death was so mysterious that at first there was no fact at all, only emotions. Pervez Mir, Pakistani cricket press officer: “Robert Andrew Woolmer left us. The entire Pakistani team is shocked and saddened. ”

Woolmer in his circles was a respected and well-known person. An Englishman born in India, he himself successfully played cricket. Becoming a coach, he no less successfully led the team of South Africa, and then Pakistan. Cricket in this country is going crazy, for Pakistanis it is like football for Latin America. Wulmer in the country loved, because he was wholeheartedly rooting for his work. And on the eve of his death, strong Pakistan suddenly lost to a less strong Ireland and lost its chances for the championship. So the first version of his death – a heart attack – did not surprise anyone. “I think he took too close a defeat for the Pakistani team. This is a terrible blow, ”says one of the players. “I trained with him once. He was sensitive. That’s the heart and could not stand it,” – the young man shares his thoughts.

The team honored the coach’s departure for a minute of silence. Yes, the team, the president of Pakistan Musharaf did it himself, interrupting the official event. With condolences to the location of the team arrived, the Prime Minister of Jamaica, which impressed many. But with the next police report, everyone was completely stunned. Mark Shields, Deputy Head of the Jamaica Police Department: “We said earlier that the circumstances of Bob’s death were not clarified. After the conclusion of the pathologist, we have every reason to consider the circumstances of his death suspicious. ” Rumors of suicide spread. But those who knew the coach closely did not allow this. Jill Woolmer, wife of Bob Woolmer: “He was depressed after the defeat, we communicated by email. So he was always depressed after defeat! It is impossible for him to decide to lay hands on himself. ”

The policemen’s dry and slightly tongue-tied statement swept away all the other versions: Woolmer himself could not suffocate himself. Carl Angell, spokesman for the Jamaica Police Department: “Mr. Woolmer’s death was caused by asphyxiation due to suffocation. Therefore, it is now classified as murder. ” Pakistani team in full force was taken for interrogation. All of them were fingerprinted. They talked with each of them as an eyewitness for an hour. But the roots of the crime are hardly worth looking for in a team, according to both the police and fans. “It seems that this is a murder, there definitely has not been without a mafia. It’s impossible to imagine any player killing him,” Pakistanis say.

The fact is that Woolmer was writing a book on cricket corruption, which in recent years has soaked this sport through and through. With the bribery, contractual matches, the underground sweepstakes coach faced in South Africa and Pakistan. Shortly before his death, he complained that part of the manuscripts, and in a single copy, had disappeared somewhere. The police do not exclude that those who stole could kill the sportsmen’s mentor. This version is now considered the main one in the Jamaica police. Colleagues from South Africa, from England and from Pakistan are ready to help her, depending on where the thread of investigation of the mysterious death leads to.

For the sake of justice, it is worth noting that the “relatives” of cricket exist around the world. In America, this is baseball, in Finland – pesapallo, in Germany – barriers, in Romania – oyma, in Cuba – pelottes and for sure this is not all. All these games are united by similarities in the rules and the main attributes: bat and ball. Curious isn’t it? The homeland of cricket is considered to be England. It is known that a kind of modern game existed in the XIII century, during the reign of King Edward I of the Long-Footed. In those ancient times, cricket was popular among the peasants, and the name of the game comes from the crooked shepherd’s stick – “cric”. Cricket won real fame later, in the 17th century. Interestingly, in the territory of continental Europe, he was already known at this time. One way or another, cricket has become widespread and is still popular not only in England, but also far beyond its borders. For the most part, it is common in countries that were once colonies of England. It happened with the Caribbean Islands. At first, thanks to the English military, cricket found itself in Barbados, and later spread to other islands, where the British garrisons were located. For a long time cricket was forbidden to play to local residents – it was a game “for whites”. It is not difficult to guess that the people of the West Indies did not agree with this. Gradually, the situation changed, and after the abolition of slavery, cricket was widely developed and became the most popular sports game in the Caribbean. It became something of an instrument that united the whole of the West Indies, a way to disprove the superiority of the colonialists.

As for the similarities and differences between Pakistani cricket and cricket in other countries: the games will be the same. And it’s not just about the rules, the form of the fields or how to earn points. The point is the significance of these games at the national and world level.